08/12/2015 04:41 GMT | Updated 07/12/2016 05:12 GMT

My Husband Does Everything!

My husband does all the housework. Yes that's the truth. He is awesome and perfect in every way.

The reason for bragging or blogging about this (aside from showing off how lucky I am) is because husbands get bad press. My social media, playground chat and friendship conversations all seem to be about how useless husbands, and men in general, are.

It's not fair that he gets branded as being lazy, messy and childish just because he has dangly bits, when he is none of these things. In fact he is the complete opposite. Without him being the cleaner, the caregiver, the accountant, the shopper, the handyman, the daddy or the lover our household would fall down in a crumbling mess.

Why does he do it all? Honestly, because someone has to and that person is not me... I'm sure he would rather chill with his best mate watching movies and playing Tony Hawks but he does this for our family. He does it for me.

I don't thank him enough. I have always been messy. I always say that it's because I'm creative and constantly on the go with a new project or a new interest. I need my tools around me, at hand and I'm known for doing three hundred things at once. I'm the kind of person who takes her shoes off on her way through and leaves them where they are because I need to pick up my laptop to get on with a job and I also need the book that is left open on the sofa along with all my notes on the subject that are piled up on the kitchen table.

I did used to do the occasional shopping trip (I hate supermarkets) and clean the house regularly but then I had a baby and opened a business... When you work from home and are a mother you never stop working. My mind never stops. My ideas never decrease. My creativity never implodes. I ALWAYS want to play. So naturally something had to give.

He used to work full-time in retail and I was mostly just being mummy and here we had balance. I regularly cleaned and cared for the home alongside my parenting and caring of our son. Then he got made redundant and I felt I had to work more. So I threw myself into it completely, like a dog with a bone and I've never looked back. I LOVE what I do and thank the universe everyday for all that I have. His redundancy also gave him the motivation to create his own business but one less time consuming but of equal importance than mine. He is a different person to me and isn't content with waiting to do the little things, whereas I'm a blaster...you know the kind of person that leaves the small things as long as they can be left then wham bam thank you mam the kitchen is sparkling from top to bottom and completely overhauled.

It's nearly 2016 and families are doing things differently nowadays. At the moment the burden of the house is falling on him but our lives are long and things change so fast. I will pick up the slack when the time comes for me to do so.

My husband is my best friend. I need to thank him more for being that true, real friend that he is. He knows me inside and out and accepts all my flaws. He brings the fun to the plainest parts of life and can make me laugh until I cry.

My husband is my advocate. He is the first person I call to share with and he takes delight in the things that delight me. He is my biggest supporter. His heart breaks when mine does and he defends me, protects me and always wants the best for me.

I want to say thank you for every plate he has cleaned, every sink he has scrubbed, every item of clothes washed, every meal cooked, every carpet hoover, every tear dried and every idea supported. Thank you for being the best father to our son that any mother could wish for. Thank you for being so much more than I could ever have expected.