28/11/2014 07:43 GMT | Updated 27/01/2015 05:59 GMT

Inspired by Women, Fashion, Power

It's an exhibition that feeds the fashion lover with so much: original sketches, films, paintings and the history that was behind all of the most iconic trends and style movements. 'Women Fashion Power' is the fantastic show at the Design Museum (from 29th October to 26th April 2015) where the modern white space has been carefully architected by world-renowned designer Zaha Hadid. On arrival you move through corsets, shoes and dresses that map the story of fashion: from Cleopatra to Michelle Obama via Twiggy and Marlene Dietrich. I first heard about the (then upcoming) exhibition when I interviewed the museum's curator in September; she talked how the exhibition's aim was to show the language of clothes and power and how the two have been closely interlinked since Adam & Eve.


Twiggy Photo Credit: Design Museum Website

As we made our way around, passing through Joan of Arc, the Suffragettes and Woodstock, I couldn't believe how much a woman's wardrobe and role in society has changed in the very short history of the past 150 years: women only upgraded from their waist-wasping corsets to a bra in 1912, they were not allowed to vote until 1918 and amazingly Coco Chanel was the first women to wear trousers openly in 1920s: how times have changed.

As a stylist, I know that where there is power there is often someone behind-the-scenes working to make sure the First Lady, CEO or Princess is wearing the appropriate style uniform. One area I particularly loved was where contemporary women have contributed a favourite outfit as well as their personal style philosophy, including Net-a-Porter's Natalie Massenet MBE, Newsnight's Kirsty Wark & Princess Charlene of Monaco. From a Chanel jacket to Jimmy Choo heels or a bespoke Alaia dress, the message that ran throughout all of their choices was the importance of feeling confident, comfortable and to a point proud, whether it was a day-to-day outfit or something they had worn to the Queens honours.


Vivienne Westwood Photo Credit: Design Museum Website

Whether you are interested in fashion, feminism or want to see some iconic pieces of clothing in the flesh, Women Fashion Power is an absolute must-see, for more info click through to the Design Museum website.