19/05/2014 13:05 BST | Updated 19/07/2014 06:59 BST

Happy to Be Here!

Brothers and sisters - it's Ashley Beedle - happy to be here! As always, expect the unexpected, a few verbal bombs and some street knowledge to be dropped over the coming months. So without further ado...

At the start of 2014, my mojo needed a boost and music was definitely not my sanctuary - I needed a wake up call! I like to listen to the radio on my days off from the studio. If anything, I pick up some good ideas from my little transistor box. Seriously, there is only so much crap you can deal with on terrestrial radio - call the wireless police now! I do tune into 6Music - a fantastic part of the British Broadcasting Corporation or BBC as we like to call it - who feature some really eclectic selections rotated regularly. Gilles Peterson, Huey Morgan and Lauren Laverne give me my daily dose of radio waves. I always get-down-to-go-up-to-the-good-stuff! As for reggae, it's my brothers David Rodigan, and Keith Lawrence - heavyweight and real nice!

A couple of months ago, I was slapped upside my head by two records - Daft Punk ft Pharrell & Nile Rodgers Get Lucky and Pharrell (yes, him again!) with Happy. Both tunes work on so many levels and they are in my world - these two tracks are everywhere and both (if slightly played to death - but who cares) - have longevity and they've brought back melody and simple to the point lyrics.

That's what good dancing music is all about. For me, hearing Get Lucky was like listening to Chic the first time. I bought their first single on US import in the UK in 1977 on money borrowed from my Dad as I was only 15! I've got to give a massive big up Daft Punk for mentioning me in their groundbreaking Teachers track. That is an honour - now all I want is their mansion, haha! Pharrell's track has been shaking my tree as I recover from music business stress and pneumonia. It can happen to us all, trust me! Happy is so simple but devastatingly beautiful. A song made for the kids that adults get - genius! Happy and Get Lucky have lit the blue touch paper for me, for a wealth of good music to start coming up through the ranks. 2014 will be a strong year - it's already started out well for me with my Message in the Music compilation CD getting rave reviews all round and three pages in March's DJ magazine dedicated to yours truly - I'm so modest, really!

A whole wealth of things from me are waiting to be unleashed - new edits, two new labels showcasing fabulous upcoming and established artists including Adamski and Earl Zinger. Plus I may dip my toe into the CD compiling waters again.

Let's leave X-Factor alone and start listening again - let's groove because happiness is the truth. Signing off for now - the pleasure has been all mine - Ashley Beedle x.

Top 5 - at the moment!

1. Message in the Music - Ashley Beedle Edits CD compilation - Harmless

2. Lonnie Liston Smith - In the Park - Columbia

3. 5th Dimension - Everything's been changed - Bell

4. Incognito - Nights Over Egypt - M.A.W mixes

5. Don Carlos - I'm not crazy - Greensleeves 12"