27/02/2015 06:38 GMT | Updated 28/04/2015 06:59 BST

The Awesomeness of Being a Dad


I'll let you in on a secret I LOVE being a dad, it is the single greatest thing in my life. My partner, other family, friends, hobbies and other loves (reading, music, photography etc.) you are all great (don't be jealous now) but nothing, and I do mean nothing, quite compares to the awesomeness of being a dad.

Seriously, being a dad is the best.

The Awesomeness of Being a Dad

So why am I raging about being a dad? Well firstly, until you have had a neck hug (you know the ones, arms flung tightly around your neck) from one of your little ones then you have not had a real hug! These cuddles beat everything, hands down, after a stressful day trouble melts away with a good neck hug. Down about something, a neck hug will help, angry? again grab a good neck hug from your little one you'll calm right down.

Apart from hugs, being a dad means being someones hero, and how great is that! Someone out there thinks YOU are the greatest living man! They want to do what you do, be where you are (even including the toilet), watch what you watch and know everything about you (OK so they sound a little like stalkers here, but seriously it makes you feel good).

Add to that the unconditional love that you feel for your children and they feel for you and what more do you need?

What Else?

Well, with kids I can legitimately go and play in the park, sit on the swings again like when I was small or fly down the slide like I have no cares (actually I get stuck, but the thought is there). I can build Lego creations, or make a den out of sheets, yeah basically I can be a kid again without being looked at strangely.

The awesomeness of being a dad doesn't end there though, no, with boys I can play fight (hell I can play fight with the little lady as well), or throw someone around (if you've not body slammed your child onto a bed then you've not lived!) for fun, and hear belly laughs as you do it.

With girls you can play dress up (who am I kidding you can play dress up with boys too, we don't stereotype in our house), and have picnics and tea parties, all the fun things from life.

There's More

You get to be a teacher, without the years of training, imparting your wisdom, helping them deal with all that life throws at them, but better than a real teacher you don't have to worry about a whole class and if they are annoying you, you can send them to bed! (I have NEVER done that).

You always have someone to cheer you up, read to, play with, watch TV with and generally do the fun things in life with.

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