Natalie Harris-Spencer

Global Digital Content Manager for Sony and founder of The Edible Editor and Bouquet Catch

Natalie Harris-Spencer (formerly Natalie R Harris) is a Global Digital Content Manager for the world's largest entertainment company, Sony, and founder of lifestyle blog The Edible Editor and wedding website Bouquet Catch. For a decade she's been working with digital content in all its lovely forms, across many platforms, and has a publishing career spanning digital, print and TV.

She's worked on some obscure things, from secret columns to kids’ TV scripts to front-page headlines. She's currently working on her first novel, a psychological thriller set in London and Wales.

You can find her on LinkedIn, follow her on Twitter, or say hello over email. For more info, visit

Screw the 5-2 Diet: Eat Less, Move More

I still would recommend the 5:2 as a decent way to get you to start losing weight, although there's no scientific proof it works. Combining it with a decent exercise regime seemed to work for me, while I found the structure of the week (exercise, fast, exercise, exercise, fast, whatever, whatever) satisfying.
31/12/2014 13:18 GMT

Style and Substance in Sri Lanka

Whatever the magic formula, a holiday to Sri Lanka won't leave you wanting. For a bargainous all-inclusive package deal, my partner and I were rewarded with four-course fine dining, massages, champagne and limitless cocktails. Oh, and a free mini bar. I genuinely have no idea how our hotel made any profit.
16/10/2013 09:15 BST

Alternative Valentine's for Lovers and Haters

Enamoured by amour? Sick of schmaltz? Or just indifferent to 'involvement'? Whatever your take on V-Day and your Facebook relationship status, there are plenty of alternative options for you in the city of London.
07/02/2013 17:45 GMT

Social Media Week Events: Why You Need to Come Armed

Unfortunately, not everyone knows this little secret. Many people find networking events intimidating, especially those who, like me, have built a career online, protected by the web. But many savour every single event on their social calendar, load up their weapons, and get ready to stalk their prey.
17/09/2012 14:41 BST

A Life Less Ordinary: How I Came to Perform in the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony

Months of early-morning dance rehearsals all come down to this. Immune to 80,000 noisy ticket holders outside, all we hear are instructions from <a href="" target="_hplink">Gina, our Manc director</a> and segment chartist, on our in-ear radios. It's 9.57pm on Friday 27th July 2012, and we're about to be watched by an expected more than a billion people for the <a href="" target="_hplink">Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games</a>.
30/07/2012 09:48 BST

Claiming Back the Stereotype

Stereotypes make me part of all the nouns that define me, and for all of those names, numbers, groups and classes, whether I like them or not, I'm bloody grateful.
07/12/2011 12:56 GMT

Medusas, Murderesses and the Media

Forced to sort though endless boxes from the attic at my parents' house one weekend of late, I came across my university coursework.
07/09/2011 00:05 BST

Amy Winehouse: The Nice Jewish Girl

The thing about Amy Winehouse is that we felt like we knew her; Jewish circles (in North London in particular) are intimate - everyone knows everyone or at least shares a few mutual Facebook friends.
28/07/2011 11:41 BST