Adama Juldeh Munu


Adama Juldeh Munu is a broadcast journalist and producer, with a focus on news and factual documentaries. She has been nominated for the 'Rising star in media' award at the 2018 British Muslim Awards. She is the creator of the Afro Diaspora news and current affairs series 'Africa This Week'. Working as a daily news reporter, her main expertise relates to Sub-Saharan African/African Diaspora, Black Muslim and Middle eastern issues. ​ In 2017, she travelled to Freetown, Sierra Leone to film a documentary (Freetown's Killer Mountain) on the flooding disaster that took place near the city's infamous Sugar loaf mountain. She has also co-produced a documentary on the ongoing plight of Myanmar's Rohingyans (Rohingya: The Unwanted People) and has worked on documentaries on climate change and poverty in Niger and Somaliland. ​ Adama has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History with Journalism from Queen Mary, University of London and City University and is currently working towards a Masters of Science in Middle Eastern politics, conflict and development at Birkbeck College, University of London. ​ Adama has spoken on journalism and presented at higher education institutions including St.Andrew's University and the School of Oriental and African Studies. ​ You can follow her on twitter at @adamajmunu or email: ​

When Muslim Women Are 'Lyrically Speaking'

These are exciting times; I am fortunate to surround myself with artistic and strong Muslim women who evade these misconstrued perceptions of what they are and supposed to be. They are owning and reclaiming their visibility and audibility. Some of them, you can find on what is supposed to be first Muslim women's UK TV show dedicated to poetry and spoken word, <em>Lyrically Speaking</em>.
28/12/2016 12:01 GMT

Darfur: An invisible conflict, Bashir- a visible pain in the backside?

All eyes have been on South Sudan the last couple of months- and with good reason. Two years on and still no cutting edge solution yet to end the conflict besieging the newest country, but talks will resume this month. However, the situation in Sudan is still very much unfinished business in the Horn of Africa.
13/07/2015 16:52 BST

When Ebola Hits Home

I came across the story of a Sierra Leonean 8 year old boy whose father had died, most likely from Ebola, who called the national hotline in early November, and presumably is now the head of the household, overseeing five younger siblings.
17/12/2014 00:53 GMT