Ali Cook

Actor, stand up comic, magician.

Actor, stand up and magician Ali Cook has written and starred in seven British television series including 'Penn & Teller: Fool Us' (ITV1) 'Dirty Tricks' (Channel 4) and 'Monkey Magic '(Five), both nominated for the British Comedy Awards & the Golden Rose of Montreux, 'Psychic Secrets Revealed' with Derren Brown (Five), The Secret World of Magic (Sky One) & 'the Jerry @ Trick show' with Jerry Sadowitz (Five).

On top of a role in ITV’s Mr Selfridge, Cook is set to star in four upcoming feature films including sci-fi action thriller 'The Anomaly' starring Ian Somerhalder and black comedy 'Welcome to Karastan' starring Matthew MacFadyen.
The Right Way to do Wrong or How to Deceive

The Right Way to do Wrong or How to Deceive Others

We're taught that everything happens due to cause and effect. Whereas a magic trick is an effect without a cause (at least no acceptable cause within the normal parameters of reality). This is why magicians refer to tricks as "effects".
24/06/2014 14:25 BST