Ali Russell


I've always wanted to be a Mum but my body let me down and so in November 2015 my husband and I were approved as adopters.

6 emotionally charged months later Big Pig and Little Pig moved in.

Our lives were changed forever. I'm a nursery manager and I thought I knew so much.

The knowledge has definitely helped but yes ok like every parent told me, nothing prepares you for being a parent and we had actual training!!

First and foremost our children are a flipping inspiration. Their characters and resilience astound me daily. They can also drive me crazy in less than 5 seconds.

We have so many great days filled with laughter and fun, and we have days so randomly horrendous that I just want to crawl under my duvet and hide.

People often say they have lost themselves when they become a Mum. I can relate to that but I feel I have found myself as well.

Documenting our family life has helped so much. Writing has always been a passion of mine. Keeping diaries and writing poetry has got me through some really tough times.

So thanks for having a look. I hope I make you smile every once in a while. I hope you go and tell a friend who might be struggling to have a family naturally about our adoption success because it truly is the best decision we ever made.

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