Alison Walsh

Third-year student of French and Spanish at Oxford University, currently in Paris on a Year Abroad

I’d always enjoyed writing, but never felt that I had enough time or enough interesting things to say to justify subjecting other people to what I’d written. Spending over two months in rural France working on organic farms and living with a series of very interesting, very international and often quite eccentric people led to me writing longer and longer emails, and my diary entries getting longer and longer, whilst I could engage just about anyone in a long conversation about 'current affairs' (a very loose term, in my case!) So when I finally arrived in Paris, I took the plunge and started a blog! (It’s here, in case you’re interested.)

Part travel-log, part recipe collection and food review, it basically includes thoughts on anything and everything that interests me. I don’t profess to be an expert on Anglo-French relations, Parisian politics or the best place to buy a baguette in the 4th arrondissement, but I can certainly express my opinion on all of these things. After all, what good is an opinion if it isn’t expressed? If nothing else, this blogging stuff is a good way of remembering how to write more than a three-line email for when I go back to Oxford and am faced with my final year and a mountain of essays…