Angela Irvine

Lover of history and politics. Oh and also chocolate eclairs!

I am 46 years old and was born and bred in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. I have taught history here for the last twenty years. Recently I have taken to my desk and started writing. I start and sometimes don't finish. I love it.

I have been educated at the universities of St. Andrews, Edinburgh and Stirling. I also like to study!

I enjoy cooking and in particular baking. I also love to knit tea cosies.

I am a lover of Yoga and all things organic.
The Case Against Some Viral

The Case Against Some Viral Challenges

I was only 11 when I received my first chain letter. I read it and ignored it. Even at that age, I could see that the letter served no purpose. Whilst many of my school chums passed these ridiculous messages on, I was the badass, who always broke the chain. Recently I have played the badass again and let me tell you why.
26/09/2016 16:55 BST