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Anthony Smith

Private investigator with 36 years experience

A full time Private investigator since 1977 originating from Liverpool, and operating internationally. Tony opened his own business in October 1981 initially working from home and eventually opening offices in Liverpool City Centre and latterly from offices close to Aintree Racecourse. In 1986 Tony was a founder member of the Merseyside Association of Investigators & Process Servers (now the British Association of Investigators & Process Servers) and remained Secretary/Treasurer of that Association until 2000, becoming a Honorary Life Member in 2007. Joining The World Association of Professional Investigators in 2002, Tony was appointed to the WAPI Governing Council in 2004. Tony moderates the WAPI Open E-Group with well over 1000 members and which is now the second largest Industry E-Group in the World. Tony became Vice-Chairman of The World Association of Professional Investigators in 2010. Tony is a British Mensa 99 Percentile, a Member of Intertel and the Horserace Writers Association. With the inception of the Internet and the problems it can bring to clients, Tony has undergone several courses in Internet Investigation and Email tracing, the latest being in April 2011, in an attempt to keep abreast of this ever changing media.

Has Theresa May Forgotten About The Licencing Of Private Investigators?

So, if I may, a small suggesting for our current Prime Minister. Call Amber Rudd into your office for a cosy chat and let's get this thing sorted once and for all. The industry has provided you with all the information you need and we have even supplied you with a workable solution.
31/03/2017 11:39 BST

The Next Banking Scandal Is Already With Us

You would think that by now the banks would be more careful in their daily operations. Yet even as I write this they are complicit in helping customers lose millions of pounds to fraudsters and are standing by idly and refusing to act.
07/07/2015 11:42 BST

The Self Regulation of the UK Private Investigation Industry

With a keen interest in the overall well-being and activities of my chosen profession as a private investigator, I take great interest and find relief in the annual investigator agency profiles that we commission every year at Insight Investigations. Particularly with the upcoming law changes meaning that Private Investigators will be recognised as a licensed profession...
24/04/2014 11:31 BST

Licensing of Private Investigators Is Long Overdue

The large majority of Private Investigators who undertake complex investigations legally on a day to day basis and would never consider the need to hack a voicemail, obtain a bank statement or a persons' medical records to solve their case, but reading the Press over the last couple of years the public could be mistaken for thinking that this is all we do.
01/08/2013 15:48 BST

My Top Tips to Spot an Unfaithful Partner

I have become an expert on identifying the tell-tale signs of cheating in relationships and I am here to offer some advice, based on my own personal experiences of the main signs to look out for when you suspect a partner of cheating.
10/03/2013 21:50 GMT