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Barney Pell Scholes

Policy and Press Officer at Open Britain

Policy and Press Officer at Open Britain

The Government Does Not Have The Right To Hide Brexit Impact Assessments From The Public

People have the right to know this information, alarming as it is. The Government does not have the right to hide it from the public, just because releasing it would be politically inconvenient for them. And once these reports are released, once people have access to the full picture, and once the true costs of Brexit become clearer, there is one more thing to remember: living in a democracy means always having the right to change your mind.
03/11/2017 16:29 GMT

Friendly Noises From This European Council Summit Shouldn't Disguise Lack Of Brexit Progress

Compared to dealing with her own Cabinet, where constant sniping, back-stabbing and regular attempts to depose her as Prime Minister have become the norm, it must have been nice to spend some time abroad with foreign leaders who don't treat her with barely-disguised contempt. On the contrary, many of the noises from European leaders at this Council summit have been rather friendly.
20/10/2017 18:02 BST