Becky Walsh

Author, Radio Presenter and catalyst in personal change

Becky Walsh has been turning the world of self-development on its head for years with her fabulous down-to-earth and uniquely funny style. Becky’s writing effortlessly blends her unique humour with groundbreaking, smack-on-the-forehead insights that put YOU in control of your own life. Becky is a Hay House author of the book ‘You DO Know – Learning to act on intuition instantly’ a revolutionary book which turns to neuroscience, psychology and spiritual teaching to put all of the pieces together, Becky explains to the reader in simple, practical terms that there are in fact two forms of intuition - one which is based in fear-based thinking and one of a love-filled feeling which can free us from our ego judgement, transform our lives and ultimately change the world. A switch from thinking to knowing equals a shift in consciousness that everybody needs, something Becky is passionate about sharing.

Becky also has three more published books and five e-books. Becky is a sought after speaker and has appeared at the world renowned seminar ‘I can do it’. Becky isn’t shy of the media having hosted her own award winning show on LBC 97.3 radio in London as well as Hay House Radio and interviewer for the Hay House world summit 2014. Becky also delivers comment and analysis in the national and trade press, including BBC 1 and 3, ITV, Fuji TV, Japan, Radio 5 live, KKNW 1150 Seattle, Talk 702 Radio South Africa, Psychologies magazine, The Sunday Times as well as being a blogger for the Huffington Post. She has addressed gatherings all over the world including: Hong Kong, Pakistan, Chile and USA.

Described as ‘The Stand-up Intuitive’, Becky Walsh has a down-to-earth and uniquely funny style to teaching and speaking making her entertaining as well as informative. Becky gives demonstrations of intuition by telling audience members things about themselves that seems impossible to know.

Becky shares her wisdom on twitter @beckywalshcom, youtube, facebook and soundcloud

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The Themes That Run Our

The Themes That Run Our Life

Have you ever done that exercise, the one where someone asks you to look around the room and spot all the things of a certain colour? Such as, spot everything 'red' and then the person asks you what blue things you saw. It's a cute little exercise to prove the point that we see what we want to see.
27/04/2017 11:35 BST
Fed Up With Personal Development And

Fed Up With Personal Development And Self-Help?

You are always pushing through layer upon layer laid down in your childhood, conditioning, discovering, surrendering, until one day you reach a place where you learn that the only thing you had to do this whole time was accept.
10/03/2017 14:27 GMT
Stopping Being a Slave to

Stopping Being a Slave to Money

The first course of correction is to be in control, of your money. Make sure your life is covered. Then in every decision ask yourself, does this light you up or feel like a drag? What feels heavy try and change. Hard if it's your job, but at least find a way to shift your mindset about it.
09/08/2016 14:39 BST
What Makes You Perfect for

What Makes You Perfect for Love

Shyness has a cute vulnerability to it and can be more loveable than confidence. We think if you're not confident you won't stand out, but what really makes people see one another is resonance.
17/06/2016 15:39 BST
What People Say About You and How to Care About

What People Say About You and How to Care About It

When people want to tell us who we are, it's important to consider what they have to say. They may have something to teach us. But their perspective is based on their experience. Ultimately, they must be heard through the filter of the love you have for yourself. Don't take somebody else's word over your own heart. That is resilience. 
13/06/2016 12:10 BST
Destiny Vs Free

Destiny Vs Free Will

As much as I believe in free will, I also believe we signed up for something. We walked into this life with a mission, every single one of us. I believe we can miss the mission. But I believe there is an inner guidance that has set a course to fulfil that destiny. (Ugh I just used that word destiny again!)
28/04/2016 15:42 BST
What Successful Entrepreneurs Know About

What Successful Entrepreneurs Know About Intuition

Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have all said they use intuition for business and let's face it, they have had quite a bit of success with it. The argument I hear against following your inner knowing, is people don't know how to trust it. Trusting it is an act of faith in itself. But maybe if you knew of all the positive benefits of your intuition, it would be a no brainer... literally!
02/12/2015 16:23 GMT
How to Make Great Decisions Without

How to Make Great Decisions Without Thinking

People who often have conflicting feelings when making choices, psychologists call this ambivalence. Often this state of ambivalence is caused by having to come to terms with a complex world of choice and the belief in right and wrong, good or bad decisions.
05/10/2015 11:49 BST
Should You Risk It All and Follow Your

Should You Risk It All and Follow Your Heart?

The fear of losing what you have worked hard for can paralyse you into not even thinking about the future. Yet there comes a point when you start to become ineffective in a life you don't love. The cracks start to appear. If you're employed, you start being over looked, or worse, you start to be a drag to be around.
28/08/2015 10:25 BST
The Key to Unleashing the Real

The Key to Unleashing the Real You

I love self-development; I wouldn't be a self-help author and speaker if not. But whilst you are doing the inner work about self-refection, you also have to include an outer acceptance of yourself and the world you're living in. Without being powerless about changing what doesn't work!
13/07/2015 12:47 BST
Five Steps to Professional

Five Steps to Professional Confidence

This 'act as if' technique comes from a creative idea of what you believe is correct service in that situation. So here is a list of tips to look confident in any situation in which you haven't a clue what you're doing!
07/07/2015 15:10 BST
Use Intuition to Avoid the Wrong Guy and Pick the Right

Use Intuition to Avoid the Wrong Guy and Pick the Right One

If you know your values you can set your intuition to find a mate who also has the same values. Values give off a strong vibe, it is an integral part of a person's soul and often they hardly change through out a lifetime. This makes it easy to intuitively sense that about a person. 
05/05/2015 13:00 BST
The Heroines

The Heroines Journey

When I think of masculinity and a form of energy, I feel it to be out going 'doing, fixing, sorting and achieving'. The feminine energy brings a softer presence 'passive, stillness, reserving and being'. The male is always the guest and the female always the host.
16/03/2015 14:09 GMT
Black History Month - My American

Black History Month - My American Odyssey

Roger's story is full of the things I talk about. His personal story is about resilience, rebuilding your life, being positive and true to yourself. Through understanding his own heritage and discovering his identity he found the value of education.
27/02/2015 08:49 GMT
Get Over The Fear Of 'Getting It Wrong' And DO

Get Over The Fear Of 'Getting It Wrong' And DO IT!

When you look back on your life, you might find you regret most the things you didn't do and not the things you did do! So here are a few prospective shifters to help you get over the 'fear of getting it wrong' which means you might just get to live fully from your excitement and desire.
10/02/2015 12:20 GMT
Think You're All Grown

Think You're All Grown Up?

If you didn't get that kind of supportive love in childhood, then you are even less likely to get it as an adult. It can be heart breaking watching your children be more loved than you were by their now Nanny and Grandpa, in a way you yourself wanted to be loved by Mum and Dad.
14/10/2014 15:43 BST
The Power Behind a Man's

The Power Behind a Man's Purpose

It would be wrong to stop women being fabulous achievers; in fact it is the feminine energy that will bring about world peace. We have been living with the beat of the drum for a long time. It is now time for a shift in the dynamic from masculine power to feminine.
11/09/2014 11:48 BST
Too Many Ideas For Too Little Time? How to Find

Too Many Ideas For Too Little Time? How to Find Focus!

No-one who has ever been successful has ever done it alone. Use the inner guidance system of fear to support you. Whenever you feel scared, it's because you are being too independent. Independence is something the interdisciplinary minded do way too much of.
20/08/2014 14:49 BST
Parenting Through Plastic

Parenting Through Plastic Eyes

Dads who know you're a person in a costume will tell their kids to punch you "punch him, go on hit him", always thinking there was a man inside. What the dad couldn't see was the pain in the child face, and the look of 'sorry' as with a sad face they punched you, turned back to dad and smiled arms triumphant in the air. 
24/07/2014 17:06 BST
You Do Know! Acting on the Inner

You Do Know! Acting on the Inner Knowing

It's easy to put these small events down to coincidence and brush them off, as most of us don't react to the more subliminal thoughts we have; but when you start to pay attention to these experiences they can guide us to take positive action.
18/06/2014 13:13 BST