Daniel Crockett

Writing the Wild

I write about nature, travel and environment for magazines and sites like Kinfolk, Surfer's Journal, Style.com, POC, Drift, Uncommon Guidebooks, Journal of Wild Culture, Caught by the River and many more. One of my poems was made into an award-winning film called Uncommon Ideals and shown on Channel 4 after getting 142k views and a Vimeo staff pick. I've just finished my first novel @intoshineland and working on a non-fiction book called Wildonomics.
The Wild Is In Your

The Wild Is In Your Heart

At the moment, 'wild' is on trend. The marketing and advertising industries have turned their eye to the romantic escape fantasies we all covet. 'Find your wild,' the advert insists, click to buy.
18/02/2016 12:03 GMT
What the Wild Means to

What the Wild Means to Me

I consider my relationship with nature as a long and unfolding conversation, like learning a language that I can never master. And this conversation is never dull. Like most discourses, it only improves with time and age, to reach a point where a constant connection evolves and grows, with almost daily realisations.
30/09/2014 16:19 BST
The Future of Human/Animal

The Future of Human/Animal Relations

I wish to narrow the focus, to explore our relationship with animals. I propose a different future: a hypothetical outlook at odds with current reality and direction. So, let us fast forward fifty years.
04/09/2014 16:03 BST
Nature Connection Will Be the Next Big Human

Nature Connection Will Be the Next Big Human Trend

The greatest fear of disconnection with nature, and the widest response thus far, seems to be for children. At some point, society separates our young people from the natural world, reinforcing a doctrine that has been evolving for hundreds of years.
22/08/2014 11:56 BST
Soulwash - Is Western Spirituality Just Camouflaged

Soulwash - Is Western Spirituality Just Camouflaged materialism?

I, like many other agnostic young people living in the spiritual void of modern Britain, flirt with the idea of spirituality. As a spiritual dilettante, I reluctantly stretch through the odd yoga class or attempt to silence the endless flow of internal chatter using occasional meditation.
24/07/2014 17:03 BST