Darren Perks

Investigative Researcher and Commentator

Investigative researcher and commentator

Darren Perks investigates and researches UFOs and related subjects.

He has contributed to extensive media work, and has acted as a consultant or contributor on numerous TV and radio shows and many documentaries and films.

Subject to an online hate and cyber bullying campaign targeting his work and to ridicule his name as a hoaxer, Darren is still going strong behind the scenes and it has only made his belief in the subject stronger. Although he now works behind closed doors but still with the media, Darren also advises private companies and franchises on the UFO phenomena
A New Generation Of

A New Generation Of Ufologists?

Ufology, a word not recognised by the dictionary, yet a word well recognised around the world. The study of the UFO phenomena and it's related subjects. But is Ufology changing and are we starting to see new faces with their own way of investigation?
13/11/2012 16:38 GMT
UFO: Flying

UFO: Flying Triangles

A lot of people will find what I have written here quite unusual and maybe unreal. But when you look at all the sigtings reports, images, eye witness accounts, and inside information from people who worked within military and black ops projects, things become a lot clearer.
28/09/2012 17:16 BST
UFOs, Ancient Sites and Ley

UFOs, Ancient Sites and Ley Lines

Times are changing and this subject is becoming much bigger with an ever growing amount of people in search of the truth. The people have a right to know what's really going on regarding Extra-Terrestrials and UFOs and it will only be a matter of time before we as a race move forward and take the next step...
24/08/2012 16:32 BST
Area 51 - Myth or

Area 51 - Myth or Reality?

A name that most members of the public would have heard off, either from TV or from the press. It is probably the world's most top secret military installation and depsite official denial and confirmation that it exists, the world is aware that it is there.
03/08/2012 16:44 BST
The Cosford UFO

The Cosford UFO Witness

I 100% believe that UFO and extraterrestrials are with us constantly, and it is only a matter of time until it is fact.
03/07/2012 16:40 BST