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Dr Hana Visnova MD, PhD

Medical director IVF CUBE

Dr Hana Visnova is medical director at IVF CUBE in Prague, Czech Republic. She is a specialist in fertility, assisted reproduction, gynaecology and obstetrics. Established in 2011, the clinic welcomes patients from all over Europe and the US, specialising in various techniques of assisted reproduction.

Why Celebrities Have A Responsibility To Tell Us When They've Undergone IVF

Imagine being sat in a doctor's waiting room, anxiously waiting to talk about difficulties you're facing getting pregnant, and being faced with a glossy magazine proclaiming the arrival of a baby by a 40-year-old celebrity mum without any reference to reproductive medicine they may have called on.
09/11/2017 11:15 GMT

Let's Talk About Sex And IVF

Many internet forums are devoted to the debate surrounding whether you should continue having intercourse during fertility treatment. Some doctors issue a blanket ban against it. I think this is crazy.
04/09/2017 12:18 BST