Stuart Lorimer

Consultant psychiatrist and gender specialist

Dr Stuart Lorimer is a London-based consultant psychiatrist and gender specialistworking in the NHS (Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic) and private sector (GenderCare). He is one of very few doctors to appear on the Independent's annual Rainbow List of the most influential LGBTI people in the UK.
Careless Journalism Costs Trans

Careless Journalism Costs Trans Lives

It's difficult to come up with a suitable comparison, but I tried to imagine news outlets misreporting that the UK's largest specialist diabetes or cancer clinic was on the verge of closing and that no alternatives were forthcoming. With untreated gender dysphoria carrying a significantly elevated risk of suicide, this is not a hyperbolic analogy.
30/08/2016 12:23 BST
Transgender Opinion: Coming Out to

Transgender Opinion: Coming Out to Family

There is no Perfect Time. This means that those with a tendency to procrastinate (and, as a supreme procrastinator myself, I can understand this) can find reasons to put it off indefinitely. If you're repeatedly telling yourself the time isn't right, a little self-examination may be in order.
17/05/2016 16:56 BST
Transgender Opinion: Two-Way

Transgender Opinion: Two-Way "Passing Privilege"

It hadn't occurred to me before but, thinking about it, it did seem that contained within the notion of being a "trans ally" is the implicit assumption that one is not oneself trans. Did that assumption bother me? I wasn't sure.
07/03/2016 09:27 GMT
Transgender Equality: Moving Away From

Transgender Equality: Moving Away From Psychiatry

At midnight last night, the House of Commons Women and Equalities Select Committee released its report on Transgender Equality. Chaired by Maria Miller, evidence gathering ran to five oral sessions and over 200 written submissions...
14/01/2016 12:44 GMT
2015: The Trans

2015: The Trans Moment?

Was 2015 really a watershed for trans people? If we're talking specifically about transitioners in the media, then it's been the latest of several, a veritable continuum of watersheds. Before Caitlyn Jenner, there was Laverne Cox, Chelsea Manning, our own Paris Lees (making <em>Question Time</em> memorable), and so on. Just as each "trans pioneer" stands on the shoulders of those who came before, there is no one Trans Moment, but a succession of Moments.
20/12/2015 17:37 GMT