Ellie Coggan

Film graduate and geek, writer, feminist, grown-up of sorts

Ellie Coggan is an ex-copywriter, turned teacher.

She studied Film and Literature at The University of Warwick and her interests include film, TV, radio, feminism, literature, popular culture, drinking gin and eating cheese.

She is obsessed with grammar and experiences frequent, minor panic attacks if she sees an apostrophe out of place, often taking it upon herself to be the irritating pedant who informs shop assistants of such a fact if it happens to be on their shop sign. She fears making this fact public will come back to haunt her when she inevitably submits a blog post in the early hours of the morning that is missing a comma. She asks that you be gentle.

Ellie volunteers at her local hospital radio station as a presenter and producer, where she can often be found talking rubbish.

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