Emily Wight

Freelance journalist studying MA Newspaper Journalism at City University, London

I am a freelance writer studying MA Newspaper Journalism at City University.

I am currently working towards an MA but also have my own blog: www.emilywight23.wordpress.com. I am interested in many things but write mainly comment, features and arts and culture reviews.
I am also the Editor of the blog for Development in Action, a youth-led development education charity: www.developmentinaction.org/blog-new/

We Need to Have Faith in Our Youth, Not Call Them Feral

We need to know why young people feel so disconnected from our society - and to stop this problem worsening. People were quick to judge rioters for feeling "entitled" to the trainers they stole from JJB Sport, but perhaps re-investment in education and community services is something that would really benefit our young in the long term.
04/11/2011 13:05 GMT