Emma Mulqueeny

Founder Young/Rewired State

Story-telling, Selfies and

Story-telling, Selfies and Safety

Young people are using the tools of story-telling to identify themselves and each other, especially girls. The millions of selfies, much derided by the media are not born of simple arrogance - they are a continuous stream of identifiers: this is me, I look like this I am here wearing this.
06/03/2015 18:08 GMT
Open Education and Freedom to Teach

Open Education and Freedom to Teach Computing

I think anyone vaguely awake in the education and digital space cannot have failed to notice that 2012 is the year of Computer Science, of coding and kids. 2011 was a cacophony of noise about why this was so terribly important, and 2012 is reaping the rewards.
10/01/2012 23:20 GMT