Frank Brehany

Independent Consumer Campaigner & Commentator

Frank's working life has been wide as it is varied! His core skills of investigation, customer service and a diverse legal career have been enhanced by developing an on-line business for 14 years as a Managing & Consumer Director of a National Consumer Organisation. Through these roles he has provided and continues to provide engagement with political campaigning and presenting as spokesman within the press and on National Radio and Television; he maintains an active role in the Media. He is a self-funded Solicitor, maintaining his legal training and holding a current practice certificate. He has a good working knowledge of Consumer issues both on a practical and political level. He has developed argument and policy and presented these to political structures around the world. He meets with and negotiates the Consumer position with Civil Servants and Politicians both in the UK, The European Union and around the Globe. He is a strong advocate for Consumers who are faced with Corporations who seek to deliver poor service or who fail them on important health & safety issues. This advocacy is consistent with his early working life when as a police officer he helped victims of crime; this consistency reveals a theme of a dedication to Justice and a solid belief on Fairness, Human Rights and the Right to a Fair Hearing. Frank enjoys travel and has visited many unique parts of the world. Frank speaks French and has a working knowledge of Spanish