Gareth Barlow

Former farmer turned media presenter

In 2007 at the age of seventeen I became a first generation farmer, with no prior knowledge of farming I took the plunge, sold my Xbox and bought six sheep.

Fast forward to 2013. In the intervening years I’d worked on the Prince of Wales’ farm, trained as a butcher, worked as a slaughterman, sold lamb to fine dining and Michelin starred restaurants, surrounded myself with five hundred sheep.

In the December of that year, at the ripe old age of twenty three, I took a sabbatical from day-to-day farming. My experiences in the meat supply industry highlighted how little information is available to consumers regarding food itself - there’s plenty of information on how to cook but not what we’re cooking.

So now you’ll find me talking about food and farming on my weekly radio show, recording some films for TV, writing articles and blogging at
It's Time to Rename

It's Time to Rename Farming

So has the time come for the industry to be bold and drop the name? Ditch the word farming and use a different term that captures the imagination and interest of the twenty-first century consumer? The Food Production Industry.
19/08/2015 14:21 BST
The Future of Food: Urban

The Future of Food: Urban Farming

I am hugely frustrated. Frustrated by a species slow to grasp new concepts, content to doggedly hold on to the status quo, with a terrifyingly strong grasp.
23/10/2014 11:35 BST
Will Russian Ire Make Food

Will Russian Ire Make Food Cheaper?

For twelve months many European and American food products will be barred from crossing Russia's borders. It's an interesting twist to the story and one can't help to wonder what the Russian government aims to achieve.
18/08/2014 14:29 BST