Georgina Edwards

18 year old, Miliband loving, EU hating, political junkie. Not the most left-wing pea in the pod. Allergic to political correctness.

I am a rare breed of teenage girl with a huge and growing interest in the UK’s parliamentary system and the world around me. I’m not strictly left-wing, right-wing, libertarian or authoritarian. I’m not politically correct, nor do I try to be, and I’m also a horrendous speller. I can’t pretend that this will be the most factual and accurate political blog on the web, but I’ll do my best to make sure it isn’t boring!

I have no predispositions or prejudices and love nothing more than talking to people with views contrary to mine. However I have an intolerance for ignorance, and recommend you scroll away now if:

a) you think Russell Brand is a plausible candidate for Prime Minister

b) your hero is Nick Griffin and coin the phrase ‘bloody immigrants are stealing our jobs’ on a semi-regular basis

c) you thought Philip Hammond presented Top Gear and that the IRA was an acronym for a car insurance company.

Just kidding. Ish.

I’m sarcastic more often than not and may not always excel at impartiality. I’m Eurosceptic most days (though not a racist contrary to the common misconception), socially liberal others, and I am a great believer in democracy. Theresa May is my girl crush, David Dimbleby is my idol, and given the chance, I’d definitely marry Ed Miliband. I hope you enjoy my rants and please share them if you can - I’m a little fish in a very big sea.

I keep my 800 character + rants on my other blog,