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Han-Son Lee

Founder of DaddiLife

Born in London, travelled the world, but nothing has been as joyful or important as the journey of Fatherhood. I run DaddiLife with the mission to help other dads be the very best dad they can be.

Patience - The Lost Virtue We Need To Re-discover

It's a highlight in particular for those aged 25 - 34, with 72% of that group saying they regularly spend more to reduce their waiting. There's a lot that's driving that impatience: technology, busier lives, and our mental capacity seemingly more spread than ever.
06/11/2017 11:56 GMT

More Dads WANT To Be The Stay At Home Parent

From a personal point of view, I can attest to that feeling, but powering this new dad energy is about more than just bad memories. Those memories alone don't sustain efforts. When I think about Millennial dads, what's behind the change in the main is about the changing virtues and values of us as men.
07/09/2017 13:02 BST

Summer Holidays: Why Outdoor Play Really Matters

For parents though, the summer holidays aren't quite all sweetness and delight. Parents, particularly those with younger children, need to get their juggling balls out once again to balance that work and family time. If you're in a position where your usual childcare is also on a break, then those balls seem to spin even faster!
13/07/2017 11:48 BST

Why Are More Fathers Feeling 'Guilty'?

It's vital that if dads want to keep creating the right balance in their lives, that having those serious discussion need to happen now. We have a way to go yet, and I'd love to hear from dads going through this and what they're trying to do to manage it.
27/06/2017 13:28 BST

Fatherhood - The Emerging Political Battleground

While it should be commended that the major political parties are at least acknowledging the role of fathers in the modern age, we need to be careful of delivering soundbites with little real change, and instead focus on the policies and conversations with employers that drive much more real equity in a balanced parenting world.
22/05/2017 14:30 BST

We Need To Think Differently About Stay At Home Dads

Well, actually everyday is daddy's day for Luke at daddynanydiaries, and there are now over 1.75m SAHDs across the US. That number has doubled in the last 10 years, and it's clear that there are going to be a lot more constant daddy days for more and more fathers. We should be celebrating this.
02/05/2017 14:25 BST

Why Our 'Presence' Needs A Re-Think

A father's role is no longer in the shadows or confined to certain duties, but being 'present' shouldn't mean just being there physically with your child. In an age of digital distraction how can we ensure we're developing the right kind of 'presence' for our children?
04/04/2017 14:50 BST

De-Sensitised To Terror: An Almighty Challenge Ahead For Parents

We are at a greater risk than ever before. This in itself presents a new kind of challenge for parents, already grappling with trying to balance increasing pressures of work and home, of new online threats, or of ultimately just trying to bring a little joy to our children's lives regularly.
23/03/2017 11:16 GMT