Harry Brown

Student at New York University

Harry Brown is a freshman at NYU, reading Politics. Originally from London, he has a passion for US and International Politics. He has his own blog "Inside the US Political Arena" where he discusses topical US political issues and gives his own take on all things inside the Beltway.
The Disappearing Act of New

The Disappearing Act of New York

With the impending closure of Shakespeare & Co., we're saying goodbye to a friend of the NYU community. It is not the obligation of NYU to save the local bookstore. It's unlikely that even if Shakespeare & Co. reached a mutual agreement with the NYU Bookstore located just a few doors down that the additional revenue would offset the surge in rental prices.
23/04/2014 13:30 BST
The Myth of Increasing

The Myth of Increasing Aid

After two years of declining world aid, last Tuesday, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) released new figures that demonstrated that aid had reached a record high in 2013 and increased by over 6.1%. In the face of what appears to be a gratifying headline, beneath the surface lies a far more depressing state of affairs.
14/04/2014 11:22 BST
The Legacy of

The Legacy of Fukushima

In an adjacent office building to the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, newspapers from March 11, 2011 are stacked high with the headline of the day reading "Magnitude 8.8, largest in country." Since then, they have remained untouched, eerily documenting the beginning of the Fukushima nuclear crisis that soon unfolded.
24/03/2014 13:44 GMT
The Resurgence of Preventable

The Resurgence of Preventable Diseases

For each new person promoting falsehoods about vaccines - the MDGs become that much harder to accomplish. In India, a country known for its political dysfunction, it has achieved extraordinary success by setting clear policy goals with adequate levels of funding and clear lines of responsibility.
04/02/2014 12:14 GMT

Generation Cyberbully

Cyberbullying presents a vicious circle for educators and parents who are often cutout of the process without even the knowledge of the bullying taking place. Traditional bullying is far easier for parents and educators to intervene in. Educating students and parents alike about the dangers of Internet usage and ensuring the lines of dialogue and support remain open must be a top priority for educators as part of their pedagogic duty.
25/11/2013 12:47 GMT
The Scourge of Slavery Lives

The Scourge of Slavery Lives On

For many years, the Western media has shied away from highlighting that slavery still exists in the world, preferring less resonating terms such as "forced labor" and "human trafficking."
26/10/2013 21:07 BST
The Invisible New

The Invisible New Yorkers

Homelessness has become a sad fixture of modern life. Tonight, over fifty-five thousand New Yorkers will be sleeping in a shelter, others on the streets. Twenty-one thousand of them are children.
23/10/2013 12:14 BST
The Nuclear Thaw of The

The Nuclear Thaw of The Fall

Fifty years ago to this very day, President Kennedy signed into law the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. Today, we no longer live in a bipolar world, the political actors have changed, but the threat from nuclear weapons remains strong.
07/10/2013 12:23 BST
Time to Embrace The

Time to Embrace The E-Cigarette

The e-cigarette has been steadily growing in popularity. Just last year the number of students using the device doubled. E-cigarettes are fast becoming a fixture of modern society.
30/09/2013 12:21 BST
Tread Carefully: The Perils of US

Tread Carefully: The Perils of US Intervention

Now, it is all but certain that President Obama is to conduct some form of military intervention in light of the use of chemical weapons on the Syrian population perpetrated by the Assad Regime. This week marks an important phase in the build up to a possible humanitarian intervention.
03/09/2013 13:06 BST
The Audacity of Hope: Tackling the Level of Student

The Audacity of Hope: Tackling the Level of Student Debt

Student debt has skyrocketed in recent years...In a society, which continually promotes investment in higher education, suggesting that without a college degree - job prospects are grim, is encumbering some of America's poorest students with an inordinate amount of debt.
01/08/2013 12:50 BST