Heather Bandenburg

The UK's leading (..only..) feminist freelance wrestling journalist. Also qualified to suplex trolls.

Working on Unladylike: A Grrls Guide to Wrestling As a child I wanted to be a dinosaur, an author, and a human rights lawyer – in that order. I never thought I would become a wrestler. Despite knowing nothing about wrestling and an almost heroic aversion to exercise – I stumbled on wrestling seven years ago and now I'm fully submerged in the world of independent wrestling. I perform monthly at sold-out shows in London; and act as a referee for two other leading UK women's promotions. I started to write about wrestling – specifically about women within wrestling; what it means to be a feminist wrestler, and encouraging new audiences to try watching wrestling. I have been featured in the Guardian, DIVA, the Independent; and I have contributed to articles in Vanity Fair and a variety of TV and Radio shorts on the subject. I am also currently working on my first book Unladylike: A Grrls to Wrestling available on Unbound.

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