Helen Bagnall

Writer, and Salon London Founder.

Festival and Salon London Founder, Helen Bagnall is an international award-winning screenwriter and author and cultural curator, having written extensively for television and film. She has twice won the KidScreen award for best TV film for teens, and wrote the book Aisling's Diary.

She also writes about digital storytelling and publishing, and has taught at The National Theatre, and for the Guardian Masterclasses.

The Book Might be Dead, but the Book Event Is Having a Right Good Time

You see, for most people who aren't literary fiction fans - reading is an intimate activity to be done at home on your bed with next-door's cat and an open packet of Twirl Minis. It goes hand in hand with being able to get up and go to the kettle. Reading is not a social activity, and yet book events are still fixated on the author's mouth moving.
17/06/2014 15:30 BST