Helen Rosethorn

Partner at global brand and marketing consultancy, Prophet

Helen has joined Prophet to grow the portfolio of work in employee engagement, employer branding and culture – elements seen as increasingly critical to business success. Her early assignments have included a cultural diagnostic for a changing global bank, EVP for a leading US financial services organisation and brand engagement planning for two clients in the healthcare sector.

Prior to joining Prophet, Helen was CEO of a specialist company in talent consulting within the Omnicom Group. As well as running the business she led many of the larger client assignments – including significant change projects for the mining company Anglo American, retailer TK Maxx, global bio-pharma AbbVie as well as for the NHS and central government.
Time To Embrace The Wisdom Of The

Time To Embrace The Wisdom Of The Crowd?

Dare I mention how many weeks there are left to the end of 2016? For many this triggers a small panic attack about preparing for the holiday season - for others it signals a countdown to the trauma of end of year performance appraisals.
12/10/2016 10:53 BST
Team GB - A Brand You Can Believe

Team GB - A Brand You Can Believe In

Team GB is a great brand that has carefully built its relevance in our lives. And the vast majority of people believe - in what they stand for, the purpose they set out to achieve and now after an extraordinary two weeks the substance that has been assembled in their extraordinary medal tally the underpins their brand story.
23/08/2016 16:12 BST
Ladies and Gentlemen Please Show Your Appreciation for

Ladies and Gentlemen Please Show Your Appreciation for Diversity

You could get depressed reading this - we are inherently discriminatory and there's limited ways to tackle it! And given some of the news headlines right now should we lurch for the panic button? I would not dare enter the fray on our societal challenges, but any organisation that is not elevating the question of inclusivity is not thinking as strategically as it needs to, not simply for today but absolutely for the future.
15/07/2016 13:29 BST
Social Advocacy - The New Grapevine on

Social Advocacy - The New Grapevine on Steroids

So why is it we are happy to work with peer to peer reviews now in every other aspect of our lives but we still see the content of sites like Glassdoor as somehow "different"? I believe the answer lies in the complexity of how we think about the world of work.
04/06/2016 15:40 BST
Feeling Emotional?

Feeling Emotional? Good!

The meltdown in world economic markets of 2008/9 feels like a long time ago, but it is important not to forget lessons learned. Back then, in the aftermath, as people searched for answers to make sure it never happened again, there were two words often repeated - change culture. If good has come as a result of what happened, then the growing interest in understanding and managing corporate culture is it.
22/02/2016 15:14 GMT
Are you ready to choose

Are you ready to choose pain?

So it's that time of the year again - or more specifically a new year again - and we all have a tendency to think about what we want to make happen, what we want to prioritise and very often key things we want to improve or change.
26/01/2016 10:07 GMT