Jake Mills

Comedian and Writer

Jake Mills is a Liverpool born stand up comedian, writer and broadcaster.

Described by the BBC as “the next big thing”, Jake was a finalist in the Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year competition and has gone on to sell out solo shows since 2010. He’s performed regularly for the country’s biggest and best clubs.

With a degree in Journalism, Jake has a passion for writing and has become well known and respected for his work, writing for a host of different magazines and publications from Hello! Magazine to The Guardian.

After a personal battle with depression in 2013, Jake has become an influential figure in campaigning against the stigma attached to mental health issues. His story was of national interest including appearances on BBC, ITV, national press and radio.
The Hillsborough Conclusions Can Give Hope To Us

The Hillsborough Conclusions Can Give Hope To Us All

Behind each picture is a life lost, a family distraught, children left without parents, parents without their babies. Today we remember them. Today we remember their families, their friends and all those who have been victim of the disaster on the day and the 27 years of needless and cruel pain since.
26/04/2016 15:37 BST
Being a

Being a Man

So many of us go about our lives hiding behind masks of decaying stereotypes and redundant expectations. We pretend to be something we're not and live a lie due to the fear of being judged for being different.
15/11/2015 22:03 GMT
Counselling Opens Wounds - But That Isn't the

Counselling Opens Wounds - But That Isn't the Problem

The issue for me wasn't necessarily the opening of the wounds, instead the fact that the one hour a week sessions didn't give me sufficient enough time to allow those wounds to be closed and healed again.
27/09/2015 23:05 BST


At first I took it as compliment. A stranger had seen my face and thought, 'That's nice. I'll use that to pick up girls'. I was flattered, even felt a bit good about myself. Then I realised how absolutely f**king tragic that was.
10/07/2015 16:09 BST
The Day I Recieved The Scariest News of My

The Day I Recieved The Scariest News of My Life

I thought about the people I love, one by one, ranking them in order of how hurt I will be that they're dead. I thought about all my regrets. I've never been to New York, I've never even tasted avocado.
12/06/2015 15:42 BST
When Did Being Nasty Become a Career

When Did Being Nasty Become a Career Aspiration?

Trolling - I don't even like calling it that. The very name itself is giving it existence, giving it credibility as if it is just something that people do. It's not. Pre 2012 Trolling was just known as being a horrible bastard, now it is seen as a gateway to fame; a hall pass to be offensive and obnoxious in return for some self-satisfaction and credibility.
19/05/2015 20:59 BST
I Refuse to Believe in What Must Be

I Refuse to Believe in What Must Be Wrong

I refuse to believe we don't believe in equality, seeing love and marriage as a crime rather than a given right. I refuse to believe that the general public of this country would happily let others suffer because they're OK themselves.
14/05/2015 16:44 BST
The English; Do We Have an

The English; Do We Have an Identity?

People search their family trees looking for a tenuous connection to a long forgotten Irish heritage. A great grandfather's, friend's dog - born in Ireland and providing the licence to enjoy a guilt free Guinness.
16/03/2015 17:11 GMT