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Janet Newenham

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Award winning Irish travel writer with a passion for startups, women in tech and the nomadic lifestyle.

Is This Ireland's Best Kept Secret?

I thought I knew this part of Ireland pretty well until we arrived in Glengarriff and I quickly realised this is a part of my home county I have failed to explore. The view from our hotel upon check in was magical, the soft evening light reflecting on the bay.
05/10/2017 13:46 BST

Seven Interesting Travel Startups To Watch In 2017

From companies that are trying to make car rental less stressful (the answer to all our prayers!) to startups that make travel planning a piece of cake by making others to do it for you (pure genius!) below are my personal picks of the best travel startups and apps to check out in 2017.
03/05/2017 17:21 BST

Why I Fell In Love With Bosnia And Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina isn't exactly at the top of many bucket lists. In fact most people I know could barely point it out on a map and my Irish friends are only familiar with the name thanks to it popping up in the Eurovision Song Contest every year!
02/11/2016 17:42 GMT

Budget Travel In The Maldives

Ever dreamed of travelling to paradise but thought you could never afford it? Think again, because solo travel in the Maldives on a budget is totally possible and is getting easier every day. Here's my guide to everything you need to know to help you travel around this stunningly beautiful country without breaking the bank!
09/06/2016 11:53 BST

Why Koh Lanta Is Thailand's Best Kept Secret

Before coming to Koh Lanta last week, I really did't know a whole lot about the island. I heard it was a lot quieter than the likes of Koh Phangan and Koh Tao on the other side of Thailand and that it was also nothing like the rowdiness of Phuket.
29/03/2016 09:17 BST

World's Top Male Travel Bloggers

Having recently noticed that almost all the blogs I have been following for the past year or so are predominantly female travel bloggers, I set out in search of the world's best male bloggers to see what sort of adventures they were up to.
22/01/2016 12:24 GMT

Why I Quit My Job to Travel the World

It has always been my lifelong dream to travel the world and get paid for it. A dream I share with many. Now after years of being too afraid to make the jump, too scared of failure, I have taken the leap. Here's why I quit my job to travel the world, and why maybe you should too.
13/01/2016 11:11 GMT

The Best of Ireland in One County

Until last weekend, the only time I had ever been to Leitrim was driving through it on my way to Donegal. It's not a county that is talked about a lot and I don't think many people in Ireland, or abroad, have any idea how much this relatively tiny county has to offer.
12/10/2015 12:04 BST

Kolkata Through My Eyes - Where There Will Always Be HOPE

I even saw a new-born baby, probably only a few weeks old, lying on the cold ground next to the mother, who was fast asleep. Anyone could have taken this baby. It was frightening to see, to witness, to know that people must live like this just to survive.
18/08/2015 10:13 BST

How to Build a Business In 54 Hours - Startup Weekend Dublin

Last weekend I attended a Startup Weekend in Dublin, which is an opportunity for passionate leaders and entrepreneurs to come together to share ideas, form teams, and launch startups in just 54 hours. Here are 10 crucial things I learned over the weekend.
14/07/2015 09:03 BST

Ireland's Top 10 Travel Bloggers

I present to you my list of Ireland's Top 10 Travel Bloggers. These are people that will fill you with wanderlust, have you searching for flights abroad and will give you that bit of travel inspiration you are looking for.
23/06/2015 10:53 BST

13 Fantastic Reasons Kilkenny Is Ireland's Best Little City

Kilkenny is Ireland's medieval capital, steeped in heritage, culture and the home to master crafts and brewing. But Kilkenny also has a lot more going for it....besides being home to one of the oldest castle's in Ireland and some pretty incredible beer, that is. Below are 13 reasons why Kilkenny might just be the best little city in Ireland.
17/06/2015 14:45 BST

Nine Reasons NOT to Travel Solo - Seriously

Here are nine good reasons why you should do whatever you can not to travel solo on your next trip. For the love of God, find yourself a travel buddy. An acquaintance. A lover. Anyone who will turn your solo adventure into a trip to remember and one you can share and reminisce on in years to come.
01/06/2015 09:07 BST