Janetta Harvey

Author, Campaigner

Janetta Harvey is author of Saving Susie-Belle, a personal account of the life she shares with her adopted dog, Susie-Belle, a survivor of the worst end of the commercial puppy breeding industry. The sequel, Saving One More examines the global puppy breeding business and updates readers on life shared these days with Susie-Belle’s adopted canine sister, another, severely damaged by her years of imprisonment in a UK puppy farm.

Janetta's an active campaigner and networks widely with others around the world who are battling to bring an honest awareness into the minds of the puppy buying public of the endemic cruelty present in much of the vast puppy breeding business today. She's a prolific writer, believing the right words can bring potent change in the world and is currently working on a book for children, the puppy buyers of the future.

Follow Janetta on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Susie-Belle-Schnauzer/705830289434936 and her blog http://www.janettaharvey.com/
The Real Dog Days of Summer for

The Real Dog Days of Summer for Rescues

By celebrating dogs like these, this art project might just show people how normal dogs in rescue are. That they're homeless, often nothing more complicated than this. Too often people dismiss adopting animals, fearing they'll come with all kinds of problems. This misperception must change and this original project might just help some dogs be adopted and counter the dismal swell of those being given up.
10/08/2016 12:17 BST
When's A Stocktake Not A

When's A Stocktake Not A Stocktake?

Stocktaking is a normal, regular activity for any business. When the phrase 'stocktake and clear out" is referring to living, sentient companion animals, it's a sinister notion. But that's the phrase used to describe what happens in the puppy trade when discarded breeding dogs and puppies not deemed 'cute' enough to sell are dealt with.
18/02/2016 23:04 GMT
Cute and Fluffy? How About Dead and

Cute and Fluffy? How About Dead and Dirty

It would be a peculiar person that tried to argue that puppies are not adorably cute and fluffy. Thousands of pets for sale adverts flooding the internet show that pictures of puppies rarely fail to look sweet, they succeed in pulling on our heart strings and opening our purses. Cute sells.
23/09/2015 11:14 BST
Why the US and Australia Offer More Hope for Dogs Than the

Why the US and Australia Offer More Hope for Dogs Than the UK

For the sake of the dogs, campaigners must stick it out through what often seem like pitch-black dark days of hopelessness. My hopes have struggled to stay afloat, let alone rise, over the past year as UK politicians seem determinedly unwilling to make any difference in the foreseeable future to breeding dogs' lives.
19/08/2015 17:56 BST
If a Puppy Comes With Free Insurance Is That Any

If a Puppy Comes With Free Insurance Is That Any Reassurance?

A roll call of puppy farmers delights fill the puppy sites: doodles of all sorts, cavachons, pugaliers, jugaliers, jugs, chugs, pomapoos, the names are as numerous as they are ridiculous. And behind them all, suffering parents endure years of breeding misery, not that puppy buyers will ever see or know that.
23/07/2015 14:20 BST
Why Buying a Puppy Is Not the Same as Rescuing

Why Buying a Puppy Is Not the Same as Rescuing One

It's never been easier to buy a puppy. The puppy farming industry is huge. In the past, many people bought from pet shops, or local ads, and that still happens, but nowadays, there are thousands of online sites listing millions of puppies for sale around the world, offering a smorgasbord of misery. The scale is mind boggling and hideous if, like me, you loathe the way our relationship with dogs has been infected by a consumerist, disposable way of life.
29/06/2015 12:33 BST
Unwanted Pets: Saying the Unpopular

Unwanted Pets: Saying the Unpopular Truth

My compassion runs deep when it comes to animals, but it refuses to extend to making people - who are the only ones with choices here - feel better about their actions. I've got too many other things to think about, like the 250,000 unwanted pets people will dump this year.
27/05/2015 12:40 BST
Puppy Farming: We Have It Bad but We're Not

Puppy Farming: We Have It Bad but We're Not Alone

Whether you call them puppy mills in the US, puppy farms in the UK or puppy factories in Australia, it all boils down to one common factor: money. We need one government to stand up and say enough is enough and to encourage their neighbours to join suit.
21/05/2015 21:41 BST