Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is 38 and over the past five years has faced the tragic death of her brother and an infertility battle, she began writing during these events and finds it both helpful and healing.

Jessica Jones is a 38 year old living in the middle of the UK. She has been married for five years and during that time has faced the tragic death of her younger brother and an infertility battle. Jessica and her husband have been through four IVF cycles, which have unfortunately all failed, but they are still hopeful for a successful outcome. Jessica began writing shortly after these tragic events and found it to be both helpful and healing. She is a volunteer for Fertility Network UK and runs an online support group for people suffering through infertility in her area. She has been published on a number of fertility websites, including Fertility Matters and IVF Babble and has a short story being published in an anthology soon. She loves spending time with her husband and is considering getting a puppy any day now!