Jonathan Freedland

Guardian columnist and author

Author of five best-selling thrillers as Sam Bourne.

Our Times Seem Ripe For The Return Of The Political Thriller

Which brings us to today. The 2003 invasion of Iraq has, once again, left a legacy of distrust in government. And the White House is occupied by a man who does little to hide his eagerness to profit from his office and whose grasp on the truth is slippery at best. Just as the 1970s provided an atmosphere in which tales of conspiracy could flourish, so our own time seems newly ripe for the dark political thriller.
11/07/2017 17:29 BST

I Don't Find Writing a Woman as Comfortable as Writing a Man - I Actively Prefer It

I found it oddly comfortable to return to writing a heroine rather than a hero - my first female lead since I wrote <em>The Chosen One</em>, published under my pseudonym, Sam Bourne, in 2010. I instantly felt at ease, guided by that sense that I knew Madison - how she would think, how she would speak, even how she would try to get to sleep in the long, slow hours of the night.
06/07/2015 09:23 BST

Why the Facts Really Count in Fiction

Readers who could accept the wildest flights of fancy in a novel - heroes racing against time to avert international disaster and the like - would howl with fury if a character, say, boarded a Northern Line tube train at Green Park or fondly recalled the general election of 1998. Which is why research is as important for my Sam Bourne alter ego as it is in my Jonathan Freedland journalist day job.
17/02/2012 23:12 GMT