Jonathan Luker

Food & Drink 'Nerd', Head Fizzacist of craft soft drinks company Samuelsons Of Witney

Made somewhat of a life change from Software to Softdrinks.

Now Head Fizzacist of Samuelsons Of Witney where we make Artisan Crafted Soft Drinks, as well as assisting others who want to get started in this somewhat crazy industry.

Passionate about all that we put in to our mouths, and where we place value on what we ingest & inbibe.

I'm a big believer that we don't know enough about the food that we eat or where it comes from.

Spend most of my time working as a bottler, consultant, and product developer.

Dad to two fantastic boys and a little girl on the way.

My wife is my hero.

More about what we do can be found at

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