Kris Hallenga

Founder and CEO of breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel!

What happens at 23? Well, if you’re lucky, seeing a bit of the world, boozing with mates and a whole load of carefree fun. And if you’re less lucky? Incurable breast cancer. Which is precisely what happened to Kris in 2009.

Not knowing she could be diagnosed so young and having paid zero attention to her boobs in the past, she set up CoppaFeel! to ensure all breast cancers are diagnosed at a time when they can still be treated successfully, by educating young people on the signs and symptoms and the importance of checking their boobs - the only charity of its kind in the UK. So she now finds herself talking about boobs all the time, running the charity from London and executing national campaigns for us all to get to know our boobs whilst also reshaping the way we view the big scary ugly C word.

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