Layth Hanbali

Junior Doctor. Global health fanatic. Middle East enthusiast. Palestinian. Musician. Foodie.

I am a Junior Doctor in our beloved NHS. I grew up in Palestine, spent high school in Yorkshire, then moved to London to study Medicine. Along the way, I discovered global health and how the key to improving health is through social and political intervention. Other than Palestine, politics and health, the other things I am passionate about are food and music.
Britain Was Divided Before

Britain Was Divided Before Brexit

We know the leaders of the Leave campaign did not have the interests of the poor and disenfranchised at heart. Their stoking of fear and xenophobia attest to that. The disenfranchised were not presented with an alternative however. It is therefore now more important than ever to tackle the issue head-on, and promote a united society, with solidarity at its core.
27/06/2016 16:57 BST