Livvy and Chrissie

Radio presenters and producers on BBC Radio

About Livvy and Chrissie
Livvy and Chrissie realised they needed a bigger platform to meet and talk to women of all ages, and made moves to train at a time when a lot of women are settled in their career, and, as everyone knows, that being in your late 40’s and 50’s is not a time to enter radio or TV....but glass ceilings are there to be broken. These women like a challenge, so forget climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro....they decided to work for the BBC! They then got their own women’s style radio magazine show and so....
Livvy and Chrissie burst onto the airwaves, taking a quiet lunchtime slot, and bringing the ratings right up with their unique mix of fun and banter, wit and wisdom, and soon Studio3 at BBC Radio Bristol became a hub for local and national musicians, celebrities, Michelin chefs and creative and inspirational women and men to join in the lively mix of topical, serious and fun.
Livvy and Chrissie are not just talking the talk, they are walking the walk, the moment has come for women of a certain age to take their place centre stage and Livvy and Chrissie are in the process of doing just that! They are passionate about encouraging women aged 45 onwards to live their lives to the full and not be put in Room 101 because society might say they have reached a certain age.
Media has always been a thread in Livvy’s life, with occasional TV and radio appearances and modelling, but she focussed her career on psychotherapy and coaching before realising 5 years ago that she had a passion and a talent for TV and radio presenting. Livvy is an inspiration to women of all ages, with her rich background in therapy, music and connecting with people. With her honey voice, fab style, great interviewing skills and ability to create an intimate moment in a busy studio, in front of a camera, in the street or in someone’s home, as well as a wicked sense of humour, she is a woman on a mission – to entertain and to bring out the best in people, and always has an interest in people’s stories, whatever their background.
Chrissie is also on a mission – a background in modelling and journalism, she has a passion for story hunting and research, and a strong sense that women have a place on the planet equal to men, and with her background in IT, she believes that every woman should not be frightened of new’s all learnable. Chrissie has a sharp wit and a quirky sense of humour and her one-liners can dissolve the most hardened souls into cracking a smile. She has a talent for TV and radio presenting and her bottom line is always ‘how can people be more confident and feel stronger in their lives’, and people from all walks of life seem to really get Chrissie.
Like all great duos, it’s when Livvy and Chrissie get together that the chemistry really starts to happen and it becomes much more than the sum of the two of them..... which might explain why celebrities and people they interview seem to like to be part of the gang and stay in touch......
Livvy and Chrissie design, produce, edit, interview, present and drive all their own radio shows and public appearances.