Miranda Adams

Health recovery specialist, inspirational writer and poet.

Miranda Adams is a Health Recovery Specialist, with significant experience in the field of health and fitness both personally and professionally spanning 15 years. Miranda offers a unique and effective approach for your ultimate success in health.

Her professional skills and experience range from personal training, health recovery coaching (mind and body), NLP coaching, Nutritional planning and exercise referral. Miranda is also an inspirational writer and poet.

To add to this, Miranda has significant personal experience, allowing for greater understanding. Having grown up with a health condition as a child she was in a wheelchair until the age of 11 not being able to do any physical activities other than swimming , she managed to overcome this limitation to not only walk freely but to become a fitness instructor and black belt in karate by the age of 22. In addition to this she has overcome various other illnesses and injuries in record time, proving the power of the mind- body connection each and every-time.

Miranda writes to inspire, educate and empower the reader with the same unstoppable belief she has developed. Inspiring you with the knowledge that anything is possible with enough focus and determination.