Dr Paula Owen

Environmental campaigner, eco-innovator

Paula is a renowned UK expert in environmental sustainability, behavioural change and engagement. She has over two decades of expertise in the environmental sustainability sector. She has a PhD in climate change atmospheric science from Oxford University and is the author of numerous environmentally related publications that explore resource use trends and behaviour change techniques. Paula has worked for a range of leading environmental not-for-profit organisations, charities, government departments and academic institutions. In 2010 she established her own environmental consultancy, Green Gumption, providing advisory services, employee engagement training courses, research and authorship capacity and online educational and training tools to a wide range of well-known clients. She is also the Founding Director and ‘Chief Fun Officer’ (the world’s first!!) of award-winning eco action games, a company that invents and produces innovative and educational, engagement & behaviour change resources disguised as games for all ages. In 2016, Paula' company won the contract to develop and run the Mayor of London’s Air Quality fund project that was designed to educate and change people’s behaviour towards engine idling in 15 London boroughs. She is a international judge of numerous environmental awards including the Junior Water Prize run by SIWI and awarded at the World Water Week international conference
Climate Fun Was a Game

Climate Fun Was a Game Changer

People may have thought we were just having a laugh but our games night at the London Science Museum was a winner for the environment. More than 100 people turned up to play a variety of family favourites including eco bingo, giant human sized eco snakes and ladders, and a food footprint game.
17/03/2013 14:02 GMT
Can Fun and Games Help Save the

Can Fun and Games Help Save the Planet?

During Climate Week (March 4-10) I am putting this theory to the test with a <a href="http://www.climateweek.com/event/can-fun-and-games-help-save-the-climate/" target="_hplink">Fun and Games to Save the Planet event</a> at the London Science Museum on March 6 and we are inviting people from all walks of life to come and 'have a go'.
25/02/2013 12:18 GMT