Hattie Holden Edmonds

Novelist and fairweather philanthropist

Hattie Edmonds is a novelist and former in-house writer at Comic Relief. She's also a volunteer for the refugee charity CalAid.
Confessions Of A Volunteer

Confessions Of A Volunteer Virgin

It was a woman I'd never met who finally swung it. As I lay on a plump mattress under a duck down duvet one night in late April, I thought about what she, Liz, had done with her day. While I'd been sitting on my backside, shuffling words around and working my way through a variety of nut-based snacks, she'd been putting out fires, breaking up knife fights and comforting dozens of bewildered children who know her as a second mum.
08/09/2016 16:48 BST
Behind Every Brilliant Book Is a Brilliant

Behind Every Brilliant Book Is a Brilliant Editor

A good editor is essential to the success of any book. So this week I interviewed Sarah Vincent, author and editor of ten years with Cornerstones, one of the UK's leading Literary Consultancies.
17/12/2014 17:04 GMT
Breaking Down the Book Industry

Breaking Down the Book Industry Barriers

What to do if you're not <a href="http://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/" target="_hplink">David Walliams</a>, you don't have a big publisher to propel your <em>Aweful Auntie</em> to the top of the Christmas sales tree, but you're still determined to make your book a success?
10/12/2014 12:11 GMT
Cunning Ways to Get Your Book

Cunning Ways to Get Your Book Noticed

Marketing your self-published book is a long game and there are all sorts of ways to keep up the interest, including blogging, podcast interviews, videos, signings and entering it into competitions. Giveaways are another great route to get your book out there and top of the giveaway options is Goodreads.
28/11/2014 11:58 GMT
Launching Your

Launching Your Book

Writing is a solitary business so it's important to celebrate your book's birth into the world. The launch doesn't have to be a fanciful, costly affair, but if you want to spread the word wider than just family and friends, read on.
20/11/2014 16:18 GMT
Why We Still Need

Why We Still Need Bookshops

Tweet about your favourite bookshop. Tell others when they are putting on one of their intimate readings, or which book the insightful manager has just recommended. And if you can sneak a story into the local press about your own book and where it can be bought, even better.
13/11/2014 10:48 GMT
Perfecting Your Amazon

Perfecting Your Amazon Page

Keywords are crucial to the discoverability of your book so you should include these in the description. They need to be specific so that your target audience can find your book when they are searching online.
06/11/2014 15:18 GMT
Approaching the Book

Approaching the Book Bloggers

Book bloggers can be a self-published author's best friend these days. But there are thousands of them out there so you want to make sure that you are targeting the right ones for your particular book. Once again, a scattergun approach is wasting both your time and theirs. So do your research.
30/10/2014 11:55 GMT
Getting Publicity for Your

Getting Publicity for Your Book

As for getting reviews for your book in the print media, you have a much better chance of being reviewed by the online book bloggers - nevertheless, it's worth a try. Again, target each one separately and don't use the scattergun approach with a generic press release, as many of the self-publishing services do...
23/10/2014 13:39 BST
Writing a Punchy Press

Writing a Punchy Press Release

The ideal press release will contain not only all the relevant information about your book but also a tantalising hook to snag the attention of any journalist reading it. It should be as concise as possible and no longer than an A4 piece of paper (around 500- 700 words).
15/10/2014 16:11 BST
Making Twitter Work for Your

Making Twitter Work for Your Book

Twitter, like blogging, is essential to any book marketing campaign these days. It helps you connect with your peers, share important information and it gives you a voice and a profile out there in the busy world of book publishing. Like many writers - especially those from traditional publishing - I was a complete Twitter-phobe.
08/10/2014 16:20 BST
Choosing the Best Self-Publishing Service for Your

Choosing the Best Self-Publishing Service for Your Book

Having initially thought that I would put the book out myself, suddenly the idea of setting up an imprint to publish it under, finding a good quality/affordable printing company, loading it up on Amazon, getting an ISBN number (essential if you want to sell in bookshops), producing the Advanced Information sheets... all seemed just too daunting.
26/09/2014 14:14 BST
Always Judge a Book by Its

Always Judge a Book by Its Cover

What to do if you're not JK Rowling, you don't have a big publishing house to promote you but you're determined to make your book a success?
17/09/2014 16:29 BST
How to Successfully

How to Successfully Self-Publish

You've written your book. You've had it edited and proofread.* You've received a respectable amount of rejection letters from publishers, and now you want to get it out into the world. Where do you start?
04/09/2014 13:53 BST
Portobello Puff - Chapter 24

Portobello Puff - Chapter 24 (Finale)

Hannah and Geoff aren't your typical Notting Hill dwellers. Hannah lives above Poundland in Portobello Road in a rent subsidised flat, barely bigger than a Bran Flakes box. She freelances from home for a Health and Well-being website, suffers from panic attacks and the psoriasis on her left elbow is spreading rapidly. Her best mate Geoff has had three novels rejected, can't afford to liberate his only suit from the dry cleaners and survives on a diet of fried egg sandwiches...
16/03/2012 09:17 GMT