Rebecca Fredericks

Fitness and success expert, presenter and personal trainer

Rebecca is an advanced Certified Personal Trainer, Fabletics Sponsored Athlete, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Life Coach, Presenter and Entrepreneur.

Rebecca combines her fitness, nutrition, and business credentials with NLP, neuroscience, and positive and behavioral psychology to give fitness, weight loss, business, relationship and life advice that empowers women to create the success they dream of.

She is passionate about arming women with the confidence, belief, knowledge and the tools and strategies to help them create the lives, and bodies they want, and deserve.

Having started 3 businesses by the time she was 23, Rebecca is a true entrepreneur. For several years Rebecca ran her own successful fashion business and then went on to become Brand Director for a leading lifestyle brand. Throughout this period, she continued her studies into Psychology, Self Development, Coaching, Neuroscience and Business Training theories, specifically focusing on their applications for women.

Rebecca decided it was time to take all her knowledge and experience to help other women to fulfill their true potentials and live their best lives.

With this passion driving her, Rebecca launched in 2014, a self-development and lifestyle brand for women. She then went on to launch a specific weight loss brand that helps women to lose weight through fitness, nutrition and their own psychology.

Within a week of launching her new health and fitness brand she was approached to be a sponsored athlete for ‘Fabletics’ – Kate Hudson’s active wear brand and was nominated for UK’s Real Role Model 2014.

Rebecca is also a leading health and fitness writer, having written articles on wellbeing and fitness for a number of national and international magazines.

Rebecca aims to become the UK’s leading health and fitness expert, and brand.
Exercise to Beat Post Natal

Exercise to Beat Post Natal Depression

One of the most commonly cited recommendations for women experiencing PND is exercise. This is because exercise is known to maintain and even improve feelings of wellbeing by causing chemical changes in our brains.
20/05/2015 17:50 BST
Why All Women Should Weight Train in

Why All Women Should Weight Train in Pregnancy

Having a strong body to carry the additional weight of the baby, prepare a woman for the marathon that is labour and the demands of lifting and carrying a growing child are all best addressed by performing this type of exercise.
07/05/2015 23:07 BST
Ten Easy Ways To

Ten Easy Ways To Detox

If you're suffering from constipation, food allergies, an inability to lose weight, acne, rosacea, eczema, persistent headaches, muscle pain or muscle fatigue - you need to detox. And, even if you're not suffering from any of the above, putting your body through a simple detox is good for you for a number of reasons.
21/01/2015 16:05 GMT
Five Simple Ways to Lose Fat

Five Simple Ways to Lose Fat Fast

You can lose that extra fat you are carrying. It will be hard. It will take time. It will take courage, persistence and motivation. But you can do it. Follow these five simple steps, integrate them into your life, make them habits and you will automate fat burning and create that body you've always wanted.
21/11/2014 17:20 GMT
Eat Fat to Get

Eat Fat to Get Thin

Not all fats are the same. And the fats you choose to eat could mean the difference between obesity, Type II diabetes topped with a side of heart disease and a trim, toned, beautiful body, energy and a large dessert of optimal health.
21/09/2014 21:54 BST
The Ten 'Healthy' Foods You Should

The Ten 'Healthy' Foods You Should Avoid

Marketing companies run riot on the packaging of our foods. 'Fat Free', 'Low Fat', 'All Natural', 'Vitamin Enriched' - are often terms created to make us believe these products are healthy and, in turn, good for us. And with so little free time, is it any wonder that we read these labels and buy these foods assuming that we are purchasing the healthy option?
04/09/2014 17:22 BST
Nine Ways to Banish Stress in Five Minutes (or

Nine Ways to Banish Stress in Five Minutes (or Less)

Stress is just a fact of life for the majority of us living in the 21st Century. The mere thought of next week's presentation, the mother in law coming to stay, the kids Nativity play costumes to be made all have the tendency to send our stress levels soaring. Which means the sources of stress are literally everywhere!
24/08/2014 23:07 BST
Nine Weird But Wonderful Ways to Burn

Nine Weird But Wonderful Ways to Burn Fat

We all know the classics tips for burning fat. The high intensity interval training, the eating six small meals a day, the seven to nine hours of sleep per night, the sipping green tea and the big hearty (ideally protein) fuelled breakfasts... We know all that. So there's no point in repeating this information. However, there are some slightly less well known, but still effective, methods of burning fat.
19/08/2014 08:37 BST
How to Make a Great Decision... Every

How to Make a Great Decision... Every Time

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Life is made up of a million decisions. Some of them are big decisions, like whether you want to have children, and what you want to do for a living, and others are little decisions, like what to have for breakfast, or what to watch at the cinema this Saturday.
13/08/2014 15:30 BST
10 Big Fat Health and Fitness

10 Big Fat Health and Fitness Myths

Fitness myths plague the industry. Lose weight quick schemes and fads just don't work, and worse, can cause long term health issues... So today I want to blast 10 of the top fitness myths that might be stopping you from getting fit and healthy and losing that extra weight.
28/07/2014 16:37 BST
How to

How to Date

When you come out of a relationship one of the scariest things can be putting yourself back out there and start dating again. And if you've been in a relationship for a while - it may be that things have changed quite a bit since you were last on the scene!
10/07/2014 12:16 BST
How to Overcome Your Excuses and Take

How to Overcome Your Excuses and Take Action

Excuses. We all make them. Monthly. Weekly. Daily. Even hourly. To others, but mostly to ourselves. And, it's likely that these excuses that you come up with, are holding you back from creating the success that you want.
09/07/2014 14:11 BST
How to Love and Accept Your

How to Love and Accept Your Body

Whatever your shape, size or age, if you're a woman - you've probably wanted, and perhaps even tried, to change your body. So, why is this? Why do we see them as a 'something', an object, to be abused, treated badly, and even fought with. Something that can even determine our level of self worth.
03/07/2014 11:30 BST