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Rory Natkiel

Marketing strategist / wannabe triathlete / former DJ / amateur chef.

My career began in the music industry and has since led me on a fascinating journey through the worlds of digital marketing, brand communications, the third sector, consumer publishing, start ups and agency land.

I'm Strategy Director at Bite Global, and have an interest in all things digital, food, music and sport.

The Facebook Alternatives You Could Be Using...

Is Facebook as annoying as your 200th-best friend? Is Twitter just for angry old people and online harassment? Here's six alternatives that each, in their own way, take new approaches to social media, including some that don't seem like social media at all (but they are).
21/03/2016 12:31 GMT

Chateau Marmot: Popping Up Across the UK

Pop up restaurants have been an integral part of the London food scene for several years now and the trend sees no sign of abating. They haven't, however, been seen as much outside of the capital. Chateau Marmot, the brainchild of Theo Cooper and Danielle Treanor, has been taking the concept around the UK and beyond for the past two years.
18/11/2013 12:59 GMT

Teaching Your Kids to Cook Could Be the Best Parenting Decision You Make

Crawling, walking, catching, running, riding a bike and learning to swim - all essential activities to learn for a child. But cooking? It might not sound like a core skill but an increasing amount of evidence points to the fact that learning to cook has numerous benefits for children.
29/04/2013 12:23 BST

No Tables for You! The Rise of No Reservation Restaurants

Worn almost as a badge of pride by the likes of Bubble Dogs, Barrafina, Lobster Burger, MEATLiquor, Polpo, 10 Greek St and, of course, Dishoom, the no reservation policy might as well be a by-word for trendy, casual dining. It also means that if you get your timing wrong you could be waiting up to two hours to eat.
27/03/2013 15:23 GMT