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Rosie Burnham

Student, Running to recovery from PTSD.

I write about my experiences living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, through blogging, using poetry to express my thoughts. In 2017, I was interviewed in Women's Health Strong Minds issue. Twitter: @Rosie_Burnham Blog:
Will PTSD Always Be With

Will PTSD Always Be With Me?

Through these winter months sometimes my world comes undone. However, hard I try to fight the memories in my mind, I can not realign my mind to the present and not the past. But, deep inside my body holds the trauma and the somatic memories. I question will I ever be free or will PTSD always be with me?
12/10/2017 11:41 BST
Don't Be Afraid To Speak The

Don't Be Afraid To Speak The Truth

Still people believe that child abuse or any formal of abuse doesn't happen within the school system whether private or public but the truth is that it does. I am one of many people that are silence by the school fearful of being sued if I mention the name of the school or that my case cannot be brought to court because to lack of collation evidence and the media unwilling to listen to survivors` stories and given them a voice.
31/03/2017 11:19 BST
Unbroken: A Letter To My

Unbroken: A Letter To My Attackers

I never thought I would be in a place to write an honest letter to the attackers. I always hoped I would get to a place where the abuse and rape didn't define or affect me to a level where I was unable to engage in the world around. This day has come where I have finally let go of the past. I am not a victim. I am a survivor.
12/01/2017 17:39 GMT
Every Survivor

Every Survivor Matters

Deep down I know change is happening slowly but we mustn't forget that every survivor matters, every survivor should be listen too equally.
19/12/2016 12:25 GMT
Loss Of

Loss Of Time

From the outside the a mental health condition is invisible to the eye, hidden deep inside a person's brain. Nobody can see the internal battle that an individual has to face every single day. It is not a choice. It becomes the individuals normality a life with routines, patterns, rituals that have to be done to keep the anxiety at bay.
25/10/2016 14:15 BST
Why Didn't You

Why Didn't You Tell?

There are no answers to these questions, this is one of the hardest part of recovery to deal with. Slowly, I am getting there and trying to leave the past behind. I am trying to shape a more positive future where I am able to share my story and hopefully one day change will come.  
11/10/2016 12:09 BST
Advice For Parents Or Carers Supporting A Person With

Advice For Parents Or Carers Supporting A Person With PTSD

When I was first diagnosed, I became extremely withdrawn. I hated being touched, hugged, or shown love because I felt I was unlovable, unworthy, unclean, and frightened. This was even with my own family. My mum continued to support and hug me even when I would push her away. A simple hug makes all the difference, this allowed me to grow to trust and love again.
03/10/2016 13:41 BST
Finding A

Finding A Voice

Recently, I have started to feel calm in myself without the trauma captivating every thought. The past still causes pain, nightmares and flashbacks but by challenging my demons and starting to shape my future. I am finding my voice after years of silence.
03/10/2016 12:53 BST


As I look in the mirror, I don't remember the person looking back at me. I am trapped in a world of trauma. I start to run the cold tap, splash my face trying to retrace the old me. The young, joyful and innocent child but she was taken away, that day will never fade in my mind.
14/09/2016 17:17 BST