Sarah Dyer

Health & Wellbeing Journalist, turned Blogger, Intuitive Coach, Inspirational Speaker

Wellbeing Journalist turned, Intuitive Consultant, Success Coach, Healer, Speaker & Teacher. She loves to travel and loves the city vibe, London, Paris, New York, but is at home in Bali & Thailand on the white sandy beaches with a mojito.

With a background in Communications, PR, & Journalism before owning her passion and true nature and turning towards living a more soul in the city way of life. She still keeps a foot in both worlds working across the media, interviewing those with a strong message to get out there AND works in service as a spiritual catalyst with a mission to empower, support and guide others to live authentic, soulful rich waking lives. Doing what she loves best teaching, speaking, writing and guiding smart, compassionate women to rediscover themselves and to create more abundance and prosperity in their lives, reconnect with their own light, and find their gift. Opening up to their Intuition towards a life of riches.

In a former life she worked for many years in marketing then media as a Journalist. Spring boarding her Journalism career from the BBC. (So, she's business savvy and loves a great story. With everything she does now she brings all these skills to the table. Interviewing interesting people with a good story helping them to heal through sharing their experience. This alone makes a huge difference in someone’s life as it gives them a voice.

With six sensory vision and nearly 2 decades studying the Intuitive Arts – you know that woo woo stuff, she is someone who sees, hears, feels and has a deep inner knowing about ‘things.’ Psst...this is something you have too, once developed, she say's. She runs workshops on spiritual empowerment, intuition and self love teaching others how to master their desires through intuition and create a life of riches on all levels.

She can be found at Or you can join her on the Facebook page Spirited - The Art of Living Magically

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