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Sarah Peace

Artist & Writer

Sarah Peace is an artist and writer whose work examines regional conflict, religion and human rights with a focus on women and girls. She holds an MA in Art and Politics from Goldsmiths, University of London.

Five Reasons Black Lives Matter Failed in the UK

While Africans would unanimously support the original aims of BLM, few are convinced by their actions and rhetoric. Indeed, there are urgent challenges faced by African migrants to the UK but many doubt that BLMUK is competent enough to attend to any of those, given its juvenile tactics and campaigns based on exaggerated figures, which have served to alienate, rather than capture the hearts and minds of the UK's black African populace.
03/10/2016 16:13 BST

Has It Become Racist to Condemn FGM?

FGM, like veiling is not a practice confined to far off lands. FGM continues to be practiced illegally on British born girls, with a case reported in the UK approximately every two hours. If FGM is carried out on a white child in Britain, it will be regarded as criminal - so why does this position shift when a Somali child is violated?
31/03/2016 09:20 BST