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Simone de Gale ARB RIBA

Chartered Architect and Inventor in Belgravia

Simone is the Founder of Simone de Gale Architects, an innovative and dynamic Architect’s practice in Belgravia. Simone started her company seven years ago and their portfolio comprises architecture, masterplanning, and interior design projects. Some of the projects the business has been involved in includes; A £200m masterplan project for Didi Dighomi in Tbilisi, Georgia, the Hammersmith Flyunder Project, Spherical Art Gallery project, and a variety of super-prime residential, retail and commercial schemes. Simone de Gale was one of the first London based recipients of the Stephen Lawrence Bursary Award to start their own Architect’s practice in 2010. Most recently she was awarded Winner; ‘Architect of the Year’, at the Women in Construction Awards 2017 and was elected to RIBA Council as a National Member in 2017.
Beauty In The

Beauty In The Details

I recently visited the Salone di Mobile exhibition in Milan and was full of excitement for the beautiful furniture, fittings and fabrics I engaged. Interior design is an important aspect of the work we do as architects, and has its own department in our business.
15/05/2017 14:16 BST
What Makes Award Winning

What Makes Award Winning Architecture?

Is there a formula to achieve acknowledgement of quality work? Or is it down to sheer luck, being the right place at the right time? My instincts tell me both attributes are integral to realising award winning architecture.
28/10/2016 16:54 BST
Britain's 10 Most Inspiring

Britain's 10 Most Inspiring Buildings

The buildings that surround us say a lot about who we are and the culture we live in. And they can have a big impact on the way we feel - think of the 'brutal' concrete structures from the 1960s and '70s compared to the soft curves of Birmingham's Selfridges building or the colours of a Cotswold stone village.
15/04/2016 12:58 BST