Sophia Davis

Formerly the UK's leading life coach, and now, simply growing as LOVE :)

After nearly a decade of being the UK's 'go to girl' for all things life, love and human behaviour, and working with some of the worlds most prestigious brands and media platforms, inc Hugo boss, Fremantle Entertainment, Kalms, BBC Radio, Look Magazine, Womens Fitness, Cosmo, Natural Health, and many more, Sophia started to ask herself whether setting goals, changing our thinking, and controlling our emotional state was the true answer to our human 'problems'. In this enquiry, she unexpectedly discovered a far deeper truth to life, and to what, and whom we truly are. Leaving her thriving business, a book in the writing, and a full client base, she travelled the world extensively for three years deepening and further discovering what it is we all truly want underneath the insatiable 'need for more' that fuels our constant dissatisfaction with life. Now she shares her insights, discoveries, and truth, and spends her days re-membering, and living what it is to truly be human, and simply be content in this world.

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