Toni Hargis

Repatriated Brit. Back in Blighty after 27 years in the USA. Author, columnist and blogger.

Author, columnist and blogger Born and raised in the NE of England (God's own country), moved south for uni and work, then across the Pond. Recently returned after 27 years. Repatriation is not for the faint-hearted!
Anne Robinson, You're Dead Wrong (And Somewhat

Anne Robinson, You're Dead Wrong (And Somewhat Confused)

On the one hand Anne, you're telling them they're whining, and on the other you're admitting that younger women need the help of the collective. A collective that includes you perhaps? That part you got right. Because if women like you continue with this "get some robust-ness", guess what? No young women will ever say anything and it'll be just like the your day all over again.
30/10/2017 15:44 GMT
Back in Blighty - Behind The

Back in Blighty - Behind The Wheel

I've been driving for over thirty years. I realise I'm jinxing it when I say I've never had an accident, (if you exclude the idiot in Finchley, arguing with his girlfriend and ramming me up the back end), but I haven't.
11/09/2017 12:15 BST
Back To Blighty - There Are No Stupid

Back To Blighty - There Are No Stupid Questions

If there's one thing repatriating after a twenty-seven year absence will teach you it's that there are no stupid questions. You might feel stupid asking them at the time, as I did when handed a green plastic disc in the supermarket, but if you're to make any headway, pride must be swallowed.
28/08/2017 20:33 BST
Back In Blighty - Shoes On Or

Back In Blighty - Shoes On Or Off?

I repatriated to the U.K. three weeks ago, after more than two decades in the United States. I'd been lucky enough to come back at least once a year for most of that time, so it's not exactly like landing on the moon, but there are a few things that are making me scratch my head. I'm not sure whether it's changed since I've been gone, or I just didn't notice it all those years ago.
03/08/2017 12:42 BST
The Green, Green Grass Of

The Green, Green Grass Of Home

When I left England, there was no Internet, cell phones were the size of micro-waves and couldn't be used for anything other than verbal communication, and self-check-outs, mercifully, had yet to be invented.
14/04/2017 15:33 BST
On Social Media? Would It Kill Ya To Assume The

On Social Media? Would It Kill Ya To Assume The Best?

Not only does he incorrectly assume that she was "paying no mind" to the carnage, he has no idea what might have transpired only seconds before or after. As the photographer later revealed, the poor woman was visibly horrified and behaving exactly the same as many other people on the bridge.
26/03/2017 23:10 BST
American Words That Stun

American Words That Stun Brits

In my years of writing about British and American language and customs, "Don't say fanny" is probably my first instruction to Americans visiting the UK. "Fanny" isn't the only American word that can render a Brit gob smacked though.
10/03/2017 16:33 GMT
Americanisms In The UK: No Way Or No

Americanisms In The UK: No Way Or No Biggie?

There's a reason the Oxford English Dictionary and others update their contents several times a year and announce, with increasing fanfare, their new additions. In 2016 the OED added over a thousand new words, including bathroom stall, cheerlead, team-oriented and yoga pants - all of which sound decidedly American.
03/03/2017 16:13 GMT
Trump's Tremendous

Trump's Tremendous Vocabulary

While Trump may ramble incoherently and speak in sentences usually associated with kindergarten, his vocabulary is the subject of much global discussion. Consider the newly popular words (including "tremendous") we're all throwing about with abandon.
23/02/2017 16:46 GMT
Phrases To Use In Social Media

Phrases To Use In Social Media Spats

Like many, I've been a bit busy on social media these past few weeks. Most of the time I manage to have respectful discussions, admittedly with people who are not too far off my own social and political spectrum.
25/01/2017 16:04 GMT
Where Trump's Parents Went

Where Trump's Parents Went Wrong

Doesn't the phrase 'choose your battles' come to mind? You know, the one we use when dealing with tantrum-throwing toddlers and teenagers. His parents obviously forgot to drum that one into Donnie's little skull, and thus, my list of parenting misses committed by Mr. and Mrs.Trump - 
17/01/2017 16:18 GMT
Why I Resolve To Be Glued To My Phone In

Why I Resolve To Be Glued To My Phone In 2017

I have made the usual token 2017 resolutions - lose a few, drink less during the week, be more organised, and so on. One bandwagon I'm not jumping on though, is to be "less connected". I may vow to put the pies down, but not my phone.
05/01/2017 11:10 GMT
The Lies We Tell About

The Lies We Tell About Santa

I've had almost twenty four years of being a parent, and with a large age difference between the oldest and youngest, roughly twenty one years of fibbing my head off about various matters. At this time of year of course, the culprit is Santa Claus or Father Christmas.
13/12/2016 13:57 GMT
How To Buy Gifts For Other People's

How To Buy Gifts For Other People's Children

Don't harass said parent into giving you a list within 24 hours of receiving your e-mail/phone call. Parents are busy, and they may even have to have a few sneaky conversations with the child to determine what would be a good gift suggestion
06/12/2016 16:37 GMT