Verity Nelson

I write so that I need not talk

A UAL graduate to be, writing has always been my forte. I started with a barely read Newsvine blog at the age of 18 which turned into 3 different blogs, my most favourite being my wordpress blog. Its my portfolio and a writing book. I didn’t take the conventional road that one would usually take in the field that I am in, but as long as I get there, I’ll be happy with the road I am taking. I will write a book one day and be a well known author who gets free things sent to them but until then, I will go mad over the smallest opportunities that are given to me!
Sexual Media and the

Sexual Media and the Young

During the Christmas period, the number of sexually suggestive perfume advertisements doubles in number. Such famous examples are Jean Paul Gaultier whose naked vixen wakes up alone after a night with a sailor suggests that sex with an unknown companion is perfectly acceptable. At least over 75% of perfume adverts give that same message to young people.
23/01/2014 12:34 GMT
Job-Seeking Audience: A

Job-Seeking Audience: A Truth

To all of those who are part of the job seeking audience and every graduate who feels worthless, hold on. When we get jobs, we will be so happy we will become fried eggs, not hard boiled. I feel better having written this. I will eventually get a job and then I will be able to humblebrag and moan just like everyone else on Facebook. Until then, I'm avoidng eggs......
22/01/2014 11:39 GMT

Hot Pants?

In a world where men used to have to trawl the internet, magazines, phone boxes and the like to get his sexual kicks, all a man has to do nowadays is walk down the street and there is a girl, barely at womanhood, showing everything she has. When I see these incredibly short shorts, I get red-faced.
20/03/2013 10:55 GMT