16/12/2014 01:55 GMT | Updated 09/02/2015 05:59 GMT

Ten Things I Wish I Knew as a Teenager

If I could go back in time, there's so many things I'd tell my teenage self. Those kids you think everyone loves, actually everyone hates them, white foundation is not a good look (yes, I was a goth) and stop putting up with all that shit from people who either act like they're your friends and they're not, or from people who're trying to prove their worth by threatening to punch you in the playground. Well... you're not are you. When does that actually ever happen?

1) Being 'popular' is actually just another term for people who everyone hates but

daren't stand up to - Nobody has any idea why. Are they cool? No - probably just

complete chavs.



2) The naughty, popular or attention seeking kids who're horrible to everyone and

disrupt lessons are the people who'll be messaging you when you leave school telling

you what an amazing person you've become and how they'd love to hang out with

you some time - true story.


3) The boys who bullied you for being fat, too thin, flat-­‐chested or just 'a geek' will be

messaging you none stop, snaking you via social media. That's just a pretty awkward

moment. Triumphant, but awkward.



4) The 'geeks' or those without a label will probably become the most well-­‐rounded

adults, have better jobs and probably be nicer people than those who act like dicks, are a teacher's worst nightmare and think they're above being in a classroom.



5) Almost half of your school year population will be parents before the age of 25. Each

to their own.



6) Adult life and adult values are TOTALLY different to those you had at school. Now, you actually know a thing or two about politics, finance and even know how to do your own washing. Who'd have thought it?



7) Things that you thought were important or embarrassing probably don't matter in

reality. Having the new 'Kookai' or 'Warehouse' bag and who your 'top friends' are

on MySpace, no longer matter. Besides -­‐ it's all about Twitter these days.



8) You may have been totally embarrassed by your parents but you'll probably now

think they're absolutely brilliant and will be more than happy to drink alcohol with

them on a Friday night. They're people too.



9) The teachers you hated at school were probably the best teachers. You only hated

them because they were strict. If you got the grades you wanted but was scared to

say boo to a goose, I'd say their job is done! Drinks on you if you ever see them




10) You'll no longer be judged based on which social group you fit into. The sad part is,

you'll be judged for other reasons. The most important thing to realise is that in the

end, most people will appreciate kindness, compassion and honesty. It shouldn't

matter whether you were cool at school or not - this is coming from an ex goth...

Rock on.